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 What's a Trackback?

When you publish an entry on your own blog that relates to an entry on another blog, you can use the "Trackback" function to add a link to the entry you have written onto the original entry.
They are sometimes abbreviated as TB.

This is what Trackbacks can do!

  • You can let people reading the original entry know about the existence of your own entry.
  • As more and more entries with the same theme get trackbacked, you can follow the entries and thoughts on the same theme from lots of different people.
  • If you are unsure of a theme to write about in your blog... have a look at the Trackback Center, write an entry about one of the themes we're looking for, and make a trackback!

As the trackback function is not a specialized function of blogs, but a general blog function, you can use it to connect to any blog on any site.

In "Trackback Ranking", the ten blogs with the highest number of trackbacks on the previous day will be ranked.

The ranking data is not a total, and is cleared and totalled each day, so there's a chance that anyone can rank in.
The people with the highest trackback count from other blogs to an entry written on Buttobi will display in the ranking.

- - - - - -- - - - - -- - - - - -

If you've read the above but still don't quite get it,
just try making a trackback!
It's fine to practice make trackbacks with friend's blogs too, but in the "Trackback Center" there's a blog for trackbacks,
so definitely try having a look at that.

* If you're using a General Blog (the address has in it), please use the General Blog Trackback Center.
* If you're using an Adult Blog (the address has in it), please use the Adult Blog Trackback Center.

First have a quick look at the Trackback Center.
There should be entries for themes that we're looking for trackbacks for.

Here we explain about trackbacks using the example theme
"Animals / Pets".

At the bottom of the theme entry, it should say
"The Trackback URL for this entry is https://" and the URL.

Use this URL to make a trackback.

(For blogs other than the Trackback Center there should be a link saying "Make Trackback" or similar, and clicking this will show the URL for making a trackback.

1. Copy the trackback URL.

2. Write an entry about animals or pets, following on from the entry (theme) that you're making a trackback to.

3. From "Other Settings" at the bottom part of the New Submission screen, enter the trackback URL that you copied in 1.

4. Submit the entry.

That's all there is to trackbacks. Seems easy, right?
Once you've submitted the entry, have a look at the entry that you made a trackback to.
Your entry should be listed in the trackback list.

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